5 Awesome Mobile Salons You Should Check Out Now

When we see or hear the word “Mobile Business”, it’s no shock that the first thing that comes to mind is #FoodTrucks, after all, they were the first to launch their Business on Wheels.

But the world has changed immensely since. Contrary to popular belief, Mobile Businesses aren’t exclusive to food trucks. In fact, in today’s high demand for convenience and (let’s admit it, instant gratification) a wide variety of business owners now invest in the MB industry – because of the convenience of being on the road, cost-effectiveness, less risk, and better service for clients at that!

If you’re someone who’s looking for a good Start-Up Business idea, or if you’re in the industry already looking for ways to make more, maybe this is a perfect fit for you!

We put together a wide variety of awesome Mobile Businesses that are doing well – only proving further how fast the MB industry is growing! From mobile bars, doggie groom mobiles, mobile spas, barbershops…even mobile flowers! The possibilities are endless. You could be a part of it as well! This week we’re gonna be featuring different Mobile Salons you could check out near you!

1. Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa

Thinking of the best birthday party idea? Feel Fabulous is a mobile spa that hosts birthday parties that offer a one-of-a-kind home spa experience with endless options including customized party invitations, fluffy spa robes, cozy slippers, colorful spa decor, music, goody bags, homemade beauty product-making activities and various crafts that the birthday girl and her friends will be sure to love! And of course, no mobile spa birthday party would be complete without a fabulous spa, makeup and hair services! It’s budget-friendly, customizable, and oh-so-fabulous!

Plan the most fabulous birthday party ever here! http://www.feelfabulous.ca/

2. Shears To You

Shears To You is Arizona’s first fully mobile beauty salon. They bring all the services of a salon to you! They offer a full menu of salon services for both men and women. All of their stylists are highly skilled professionals who are trained to give you the best haircut possible! Shears to you is everything you’ve ever wanted in a salon! Modern, contemporary. Innovative and convenient! Their unique business lets them travel to you! You don’t have an appointment with them – they have an appointment with you!

“Shears To You grew from understanding the needs of busy professional people. After 34 years of salon experience, I wanted to offer a unique service for our guests. The dream took shape during the initial build when Paul Mitchell Corporate decided to get involved in a big way by designing the interior and the outside graphics. We knew we were on to something great. Shears to You have had such success bringing services to retirement communities, weddings, charity events, and corporate headquarters, and we grow more excited every day to see how many other great places we will go”

Go get that perfect haircut and learn more about them here: http://shearstoyoumobile.com/about-us/

3. The Cut Truck Salon

The Cut Truck is a fully functional enclosed cargo trailer outfitted with all the necessities for a comfortable, convenient cut. Similar to food trucks and other on-site services, The Cut Truck offers the ease of checking an errand off your list right then and there. The “we come to you” design allows you to get your hair cut without spending precious time in traffic, parking, waiting, etc. Whether you are a business professional or a parent this format offers a more convenient option than the standard salon experience!

“The best part of my job is getting to connect with my clients. We live in a fast-paced world where it’s so easy to go through a day without having significant interaction with another person. Getting a haircut is a rare experience where you are allowed to stop for 30 minutes or so and talk with someone or who you feel safe with. I am often a shoulder to cry on or sounding board to vent to, but my clients have also provided me with solace and fellowship when I have needed it. So often we just need someone to listen to our woes or celebrate a victory with us, and I feel blessed to get to be that person for my clients and friends.”

You can get your hair cut without the hassle here! https://www.thecuttrucknw.com/

4. Lauren & Co. Salon

Luxurious, minimalist, and fresh! With convenience & flexibility, Lauren & Co. Mobile salon brings the luxury of a private salon to you. This Mobile Hair Salon offers the luxurious experience of being in a spa, offering hair cuts, coloring services, and more! They even offer their services to bridal events, giving the lovely bride so much less to worry about on her special day! If you’re always on-the-go but can never compromise quality (and luxury!), Lauren & Co. is the place to go (they go to you, but you get the point!)

You can book an appointment and experience this posh mobile salon here: https://www.laurenandcosalon.com/

5. Maui Mobile Spa

Check out this mobile spa with a fresh and unique concept! Maui Mobile spa doesn’t just do haircuts, and hair color like your traditional spa, they’re extra unique! Aside from being a Business on Wheels, they take the word “salon” to the next level! Maui Mobile Spa provides beautiful henna (or mehndi) art for individual appointments, weddings, luaus, baby showers, parties, grad nights, and corporate events! They specialize in bridal henna (mehndi), custom designs, and Polynesian/Hawaiian designs. They can also recreate your business logo for your next corporate event!

Get your henna tattoo here! http://www.mauimobilespa.com/maui_henna_artist.html

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