5 High Impact Lead Generation Strategies For Your Mobile Businesses

Let’s face it, without a steady growth in consumers or a legitimate and strategic source of new leads, your business will cease to exist. The amount of time, resources, & energy that sales and marketing teams spend on lead generation is mind-blowing. From well-researched blog posts, strategic Ad campaigns, e-mail marketing, finding leads on LinkedIn, creating quality videos, hosting webinars, and so much more!

Lead generation is hard work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart about it. After all, you don’t have an endless supply of resources to pursue every lead that comes your way.

Here are the five easiest, most affordable, and most high-impact lead generation strategy for your mobile business! 

1. Social Listening on Social Media Platforms

For this first strategy, knowing your target client is key to success. Where do they hang out? What groups are they in? What are the key terms and phrases they use? Social listening can be a very powerful tool to generate leads for your business. 

You can search for hashtags and topics on Twitter to start a discussion or even interact with your target market! You can also take it to the next level by following and engaging with people who are affiliated with your line of business!

2. Run a Contest or Giveaway

One of the most reliable ways to generate quality leads to is to run a contest (or even collaborate with related businesses) to share your pool of potential clients. Contests are similar to lead magnets—both strategies give your customer a reason to provide contact information given that they want to join and win the prize you will present. 

3. Create a Localized Landing Page

If you target multiple local markets or run a local mobile business, a great way to generate meaningful leads is to create landing pages specific to your local area. 

You can focus on two things:

  1. Focus on local SEO

  2. Build a lead generation campaign

4. Use Targeted Facebook Lead Ads

Whether you like it or not, Facebook is one of the most lucrative social media platforms you can generate leads. According to WordStream, Facebook lead ads convert the people who click on them are 19.77% more effective than ads that send people to a landing page.

Pro Tip: Connect your Facebook Ad account with your CRM to send your new leads there directly!

5. Quality Blog Content

Quality content will only work for you as a lead generation strategy if you take your content marketing to the next level as a primary lead generation tactic. The amount of time you put in creating your content is only half of the story, promoting your content is what will get you leads. If no one sees your awesome content, it won’t do your business any good.

Creating an effective content marketing strategy relies greatly on finding the right people and building relationships with them. What do we mean by the right people? These are the people who you can convert into leads, and who knows, maybe in the future—clients!

When writing a blog post, think deeply about your intentions, and how this can manifest into execution. Answer essential questions like: 

  1. What solutions do we offer to our customers’ problems? How can we help them through our content?
  2. Where do our target clients hang out online? Do they use Facebook? Search on Google? Answer questions on Quora?

Go & get those leads!

We’ve finally come to the end of the 5 Best Lead Generation Strategies. We’re just as excited as you, so as soon as you close this tab, we’ll expect you to get right on it!

Just to make sure you don’t forget, here’s a quick recap. 

1. Social Listening on Social Media Platforms

2. Run a Contest or Giveaway

3. Create a Localized Landing Page

4. Use Targeted Facebook Ad Leads

5. Quality Blog Content

Digital marketing can be challenging for all kinds of businesses, so don’t worry! We’re here to help. Your mobile business can find all sorts of success if you only know where to look.

Here’s to starting!


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