5 Things That Probably Suck Up Most Of Your Time Managing Your Mobile Business Today

If you’re in charge of a mobile business today, you know it can seem like there are not enough hours in the day. From running the entire operation, serving customers, and managing social media, to possibly working with some employees as well as booking out upcoming appointments, it can feel seriously overwhelming at times.

Before we provide you with our solution, let’s look at 5 things that are probably sucking up most of your time managing your mobile business today.

1. Talking to Clients on the Phone to Process Appointments
Do you have to field every call from a potential client about setting up an appointment with you? Maybe you run a mobile hair salon or barbershop. Your entire business is reliant on these appointments. When people call to schedule, they have to go through available times, dates, etc. It can end up taking hours of your day planning the schedule.

2. Answering Website Questions 
Is your website confusing to customers? Do they call and email you all day asking about how they can book your services directly online? Do they not know where to go, or rather, where to book the services outright without bothering you? The time you spend answering these questions can amount to hours every single day.

3. Posting to Social Media Every Single Day
If you are posting directly to your social accounts every day, you know it can be time-consuming. From picking out photos to writing captions and pairing it with hashtags, social media management requires a lot of dedication. You can save time by using an all-in-one posting tool, like Hootsuite, where you can queue up all of your posts on Sunday and step away from the computer!

4. Managing Last Minute Cancelations
Do you have clients calling in and cancelling on your just before their appointment? Or even worse, do you have no-shows because clients don’t know how to contact you about an upcoming appointment? They might not even realize they missed it if no notification was sent to them to remind them. If you’re sending these notices out alone, it’s time to stop.

5. Email Marketing
Are you personally sending out every single email, discount notice, follow-up notice, or appointment reminder? Do you draft every email, by yourself, proof it, and send it out, on a daily basis? Did you know with proper software, these emails can be sent in your sleep?

Opticor.io: Your Mobile Business Software Solution

From email notifications about upcoming appointments to last-minute cancellations, instant online appointment booking and processing, Opticor.io is here to help with all of your pesky, mundane business tasks that get seriously repetitive. We’re the software for mobile business entities that can totally transform your available time to today.

Devote your time to growing your business – not managing the repetitive tasks slowing you down.

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