Opticor.io is giving back DURING THIS PANDEMIC

Discover How To Code Your Own Site Within 15 Days Using My Simple 3-Step Proven Process

Without Spending A Penny On Expensive Tools, Maintenance,
and Have 100% Control Over Your Site.


Using My Simple 3-Step Proven Process

I will be revealing the most efficient and effective website building secrets of all time.

Your commitment? Only 15-30 mins a day!

Join Me For The Next 15 Days
(15-30 mins/day)

My name is Carl Ngan, and I've been developing software for over 10 years now. Some people ask me, why am I doing this? It's my way of giving back to the community -- creating something that is not only transforming but recession-proof, coronavirus-proof, etc.

I will be revealing to you the ability to build your own website from scratch (super easy), by using powerful programming fundamentals and secrets that I've discovered over the past 10 years developing software. I've been super blessed to have worked with Disney, Zillow, and other brands -- I believe that having the ability to create your own site is an essential and critical skill.

If you want a strong presence online, if you want to be seen as credible, if you want to run a business, this skill is a must... Even if you plan to hire people to build your sites in the future, you will have the ability to make educated decisions and not fully rely on the person you hire. Do you know anyone who paid someone to do their website, and it didn't quite turn out the way the like?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

As long as you follow our proven process step by step, you are guaranteed to have your website up and running at the end of 15 days. Our community will also provide as much support as you need to get you there.

This is way more powerful than any WordPress course you find. WordPress is a platform, it’s a business, and if you thought it’s in their best interest to keep you on the platform, you are right. Most people have trouble using WordPress because they don’t understand the fundamentals of web development (something we’ll reveal in our program). After you master these concepts, it comes down to the question, can you handle some drag and drop?

And in case you need some handholding, we’ll have a bonus session just for people who want to bring the concepts and secrets they discover to WordPress.

Each and every day, there will be a goal or outcome.

We only focus on what is practical and what you can implement immediately. To put this into perspective, most people, even after 4 years of college as a computer science student, are still not able to put together a website like you will be able to. 

Expect your very own site by the end of 15 days.

At the end of 15 days, you will have the ability to code your own website. That is the goal and intention of this program. 

I am cutting out all the fat to make this super simple so that even someone with no experience at all is able to do this. 

This is exactly what makes my program different from others out there.