Carl Ngan: The Man Behind Opticor

Stepping stones, lessons learned, awesome wins, painful losses, highs, and lows. Carl’s story is a collection of human moments—all of which have led him to this company. Opticor.io.

Here at Opticor, we love to share our story. We’re not just a company: we’re a community.

Let’s start at the beginning:

The mountain. The obvious summit. The place where wins happen.

Carl started venturing into the business in his early years. He studying computer science at University of California, San Diego, when he realized that creating websites for other people was something he could do for a living. He got clients and was closing deals left and right. The business was doing great. He was working like crazy but he loved what he was doing, worked well with his team, and was learning a lot of new things along the way (whether or not he knew it at the time.) In the blink of an eye, his small team turned into a larger team.

The river. Water flowing downhill. The force of gravity. The place of loss.

Starting a business when you’re young isn’t all fun and games. Managing a slightly larger team, Carl quickly realized the challenges of leading people more than he was used to. People get sick, people take days-off, people mess up, and his leadership skills sucked. It was a game of poor message relay. This was something that he didn’t consider and it took a toll on the company. More sooner than later, things crumbled before his eyes. It came to a point where another company wanted to merge with him. It seemed like a good idea and a solution at that time. Little did he know, this would cause his company’s utter destruction. The (other company) took all their hard-earned money, made false promises, and didn’t pay Carl or his team. Beaten down by life, young Carl went back to school. (Spoiler alert! The money he made in the past year caused his financial aid to be denied!) At this point, Carl was at his lowest. This didn’t stop him from hustling back to the top.

The valley. A place between two highs—a place of hope, of looking forward.

Integrity is something that Carl values more than anything, and this is seen not only in his personal life but in Opticor as well. Carl looks forward to committing to Opticor and building a reliable team around it with the full intention of creating the best possible product and providing the highest service to its clients. In his eyes, Opticor is well on its way to becoming the most sophisticated player in the field of scheduling software for mobile businesses. He truly believes that dominating the playing field as far as software goes is possible with a reliable product and impeccable service. Carl doesn’t just believe in the product, he believes in what the product represents. Opticor was created with the intention of saving mobile business owners a lot more time—making their businesses more efficient and effective, and to digitize and streamline their services in a subtle (but very!) powerful way. Here at Opticor, we believe that saving time saves money. This is exactly what we hope to provide.

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