How Businesses On Wheels Can Continue To Generate Revenue In Times Of Crisis

Business On Pause Due To The Pandemic? Fret not! We Have Solutions For You!

As this pandemic crisis continues to rise in most parts of the world, more and more employees are displaced and all businesses are affected. Small businesses are affected even more due to the slowing of consumer spending and the irregularities of the supply chain. The economic turmoil that this pandemic has caused is undeniable.

The only question left is: What can we do about it?

In this crisis, your business on wheels may be put to a halt, but this is the perfect time to take advantage of the online playing field – there are options to continue generating revenue that can benefit both the business owners and consumers.

With no known treatment or vaccine for the virus yet, the most mundane errand such as doing the groceries is now considered a health risk as social distancing is one key element in fighting the disease.

Through utilizing online opportunities, not only will you be helping your business stay afloat, but you’ll also be helping everyone else fight this pandemic by staying at home!

1. Help Your Local Community! Sell online!

Cities all over the world are in lockdown/quarantine. Travel and cargo restrictions are tighter – making it harder to ship products. Don’t worry! We can help our local community by selling our products (like food, basic necessities, etc) online, and have it delivered right to their doorstep!

Now is the perfect time to utilize online businesses, especially if you’re a Business On Wheels. The convenience of your mobile business will help not only you, but your local community as well.

Good marketing techniques are key to making your online businesses thrive. During this lockdown period, people are on their phones, scrolling the day away. Make sure your presence is felt online, so consumers know you’re only one call away!

(Knowing this, we should also support other local businesses so we can all help each other stay afloat during this time of crisis! After all, the only way we’re ever getting through this is if we all do it together)

2. Know Your Worth, Then Add Tax! Profit Off Of Your Knowledge!

Maybe you want to pause your Business On Wheels for a while during this pandemic for safety reasons. That’s fine, too! An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. 

Acquiring knowledge and information doesn’t come easy, and many people want this for themselves as well! During this lockdown/quarantine period, people have nothing but free time on their hands – it’s the perfect time to acquire a new skill, learn a new topic, get that certificate they’ve always wanted!

This is where you step in. Your Business On Wheels may be on hold during this pandemic, but it doesn’t mean you should stop finding ways to generate income. Know your worth, then add tax! You can use your knowledge and sell it online. Turn it into an online business: from selling e-books to offering online courses or webinars, there are endless ways to profit off of your knowledge. 

Opticor.io is launching Opticor.io Academy offering Web/Software Design for 100$ only. Learn a new skill & profit off of it in the future. You can check it out here https://opticor.io/academy/

3. Help Yourself By Helping Others! Be a consultant!

When the economy is down, consulting careers grow. Business owners will badly need help for your expertise to resolve issues, provide solutions, give advice or strategies to help their businesses especially during crises. Through consultation, you can help yourself – by helping others! Being a consultant in the comfort of your home is one of the best ways to generate income while your business on wheels is temporarily closed.

4. Money Now vs Money Later. Invest!

Your money today is not necessarily worth the same as your money tomorrow, in a month, or in years. This simply means to invest in a time value of money. The money you have today can be invested to earn income in the future whether you chose a short term investment or for long term growth.

There are numerous types of investment whether it’s a stock market, property, bonds, retirement, and many more. The pandemic has caused the stock market to crash – it’s a no brainer to buy stocks during the Coronavirus Crash. Read more about it here: https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/04/07/7-reasons-youre-smart-to-buy-stocks-during-the-cor.aspx

5. Think Of Long Term Goals For Your Mobile Business! (As soon as this crisis is over, you’ll be back on your feet in no time)

It’s time to stop making excuses, and start thinking of solutions. During this worldwide pause, let us all take the time to think. Think, think, think. The best ideas are the ones that are born from silence. What would be good for your business? What steps should you take? What is the first thing you would do after this crisis ends?

Opticor.io is the world’s only online booking system made especially for Service-Based Businesses on Wheels. What could be better than saving time? Saving energy? And at the end of the day, saving money?

Think of what’s best for your Business on Wheels, and realize that Opticor.io is the best.

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