How Social Distancing Is Affecting Businesses On Wheels And What To Do

During this time of crisis, it is unfortunate, but businesses are shutting down left and right — and what’s more unfortunate is that there isn’t an easy way out for folks who are running their business on wheels. While major cities are under lockdown, quarantine, and consumers recommended to practice “social distancing”, service-based business takes the hardest hit.

On the bright side, this isn’t the end of the world because “every crisis is an opportunity” and those who know how to take advantage and leverage what they have will not only prosper themselves but also significantly impact the community in a positive way. While we are probably “at home” during this time, there are choices we can make. Do we want to spend our time watching Netflix? Or do some deep thinking about what adjustments to make to our business and prepare ourselves when the whole crisis ends? The choice is ours.

With that said, we’ve done some research for you and have consolidated some recommendations that may help you…

1. Are Your Clients Thinking About You?: 
You probably already know this, but running a service-based business is very competitive. In normal times, new businesses spawn each and every day. So how do you stay competitive and achieve top-of-mind? We would have to constantly ask ourselves the question: are our clients thinking about us? Of course, we would like them to — but how do we do that? It’s easy when we have tens or hundreds of clients, but what about thousands of clients? One way is to go digital — leverage email promotions, social media, and other forms of electronic communication. It’s actually easier than you might think it is. Especially in times of crisis like now when people are looking for work online, labor is more affordable than ever.

2. How To Stay Connected With Your Clients:
Staying connected with clients, people, is not a one-time thing. As much as we would like it to be a set and forget type of deal, it isn’t. For some of us, it’s easy to be in constant contact because it’s in our nature to write emails, post on social media, etc. Meanwhile, for others, it’s more difficult than pulling teeth. If this is you, don’t worry, because you don’t actually have to be the one coming up with content and sit there blanking out on what to post about. You have the option to leverage other peoples’ talents. Options include getting interns from nearby colleges, using a freelance site, or that friend’s son/daughter who’s looking for a summer job.

3. The Further They Are, The Closer They Can Be:
For people who are used to running a service-based business, they may feel that people “being at home” means distancing from their business, and therefore a negative emotion. If we think about it from a different perspective, yes people are home and not going out, but that also means that they are closer to their phones, they are closer to the internet. They pick up more calls, they are more responsive to texts. Knowing how to take advantage of this can mean that you are closer than ever to your clients. You are literally one message away.

4. Preparing For Domination When Times Of Crisis Is Over:
As we know, this too shall pass. Every pandemic has an end — and when things do return to the way it was before, some businesses will be better off, and some will be worse off. If anything, now is the time to prepare so that you can have a significant lead over your competitors when everyone returns to the business.

5. Now Is The Time To Catch Up With Technology:
Like many successful business owners, many of us feel that we’re behind in technology and that we need to catch up. Some questions to start asking yourself are: is your website up to date? Do you have communication templates in place for different events happening in your business? Are your communications automated? Are your bookings automated? If not, now is the time to catch up and get these things done!

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