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Hey there! Back with more questions to trade, I see. Don’t worry, I always come prepared. You’re here looking for a deeper insight into what customer relationship management, or CRM, is. I’ll run through it in three easy points.


Customer relationship management (CRM) is a combination of practices and strategies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data. Its goal is improving customer service relationships, assisting in customer retention, and driving sales growth. With the use of technology, there is plenty of CRM software out there such as Hubspot or Insightly.

The most valuable and important asset for all businesses is their customers. That’s why it’s important to keep track of the information that your customers have shared with you. Who they are? How have they interacted with your business? How do they interact with your content? How do we get in contact with them?

That’s why you’ll need a library to store all this data where you can access it at any time and grab information when needed. It saves effort, and, more importantly, it saves time. All you’ll need is a library big enough for your company, or in this case, a CRM software.


Nowadays, as the world keeps changing, it is an absolute must to have one CRM software, especially if your business wants to maintain a relationship with them. Most of the time, your customers are building a relationship with the business, the company itself. Not with the different departments of the company.

Without a library where you can access their information, you’ll end up wasting time asking questions that have already been asked. More importantly, it won’t just be you feeling the pain. Your customers will feel the strain and the struggle in maintaining the relationship because they already expect you to know and be on the same page.

A CRM software is designed to solve these problems for you. What if a sales representative leaves the company and drops all the deals they had, leaving you at a loss for data? A CRM is all you need to keep everyone in the loop so that anyone can pick up where the conversation left off.


Once your business has decided to adopt a CRM, the next question becomes, “When?” Most companies start small, using spreadsheets and email tools to manage their customer information but at a certain point, it won’t work so fine anymore and things will start to break down.

It may start getting tough to manage all of your data in spreadsheets and jumping between apps and tools begins to slow you and your team down. The answer is pretty simple, adopt a CRM before things start to break down. It may be fine and things run smoothly without a CRM for now, but it is absolutely best to adopt one before you can feel the strain of things.

In terms of how much it costs, it’s best to bear in mind that there isn’t a set price because CRMs range in price. Some CRMs may charge per-user fees, it may cost $25 for one user and $50 for two users and so on. Then, there are CRMs that charge for additional data storage, or additional databases for records. Other CRMs will still charge for functionality, an example would be starting off at a standard deal of $25/user/month for a list of features and may charge $50/user/month for enterprise deals. Then there are CRMs that will charge per-user and will have all the features in different deals.

Once again, it’s always best to work hard but no one ever said you didn’t have to work smart. So, get on your phone and look for software that’s suited for you.

It’s always a pleasure reading your questions and we always make an effort into giving you the best answers. If you ever have more questions, go to our social media accounts and drop them there! Until then, I’m Dan, and thanks for trading.

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