Setting Up Your Own Mobile Business? Azimuth Is Ready When You Are!

Azimuth Business on Wheels is a premier customization set-up, launched in 2015. Their prime objective is to create a one of a kind fabrication line that focuses on custom-built trucks, trailers, and containers catering to a varied line of businesses.

In this span, Azimuth has carved a distinct place for itself in the industry. The prime reason behind this is the focus on exploring and inoculating novel and creative ideas to extend various business models on wheels. Apart from having a rich and diverse clientele from F&B industry, they have been able to conceive and actuate models on cosmetic retail, poultry, groceries, farm-fresh produce, industrial products, flour mill, brand sampling, and campaigning vehicles, including COVID-19 Testing Van that they have recently delivered to the city administration. The quality and standard of each delivered product are of paramount importance, along with its practicality combined with innovation in terms of technology, technique, and design. This goes a long way in maintaining a relationship with the clients along with the back-end support team for the preventive maintenance of our products.

“While we have been living through the pandemic for more than half a year now, we have kept our spirits high knowing that these are the times to revisit and reinvent the way we conduct business. Mobile businesses certainly offer pragmatic alternative business practices, especially from times hereon when rentals vis-a-vis revenue generation are on an inversely proportional equation. Wheels’ ventures come up as more affordable and reachable models to do business now when the global economy has been severely hit by the pandemic. Moreover, any mobile platform should be able to control hygiene and sanitization, maintain social distancing, and yet deliver services at the doorstep or as close as possible to the consumer.

This pandemic will leave us with a lot of learning and wisdom. As Rebecca Solnit aptly puts it in A Paradise Built in Hell (2010), “We cannot welcome disaster, but we can value the responses, both practical and psychological.”

If you’re looking to customize your very own Mobile Business—or if you want to upgrade your current one, Azimuth is ready when you are!

Check them out here! https://www.oneazimuth.co/

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