The Secret to Starting a Business On Wheels

Hey there! Dan here once again to trade your questions for our answers! What questions? Well, you came here looking for the secret to starting your very own business on wheels. The answer is super simple but it’s also quite hard to do. Let’s talk about Person A and Person B as an example.
Person A and Person B are both owners of salon trucks. They both have teams of stylists, they both travel to different locations, and they both have to manage their clients’ appointments. Yet, Person A is bringing in more revenue and bringing in more clients than Person B. Why is that?

The answer is time-management

The terrifying part about starting your own business on wheels is that managing everything takes too much time. You’re constantly scheduling appointments, work schedules, and adjusting workloads on a daily basis. Hiring someone to manage all that would still take too long and would only pile up the costs.

Person B is getting reading to travel to a new location. Person B would have to communicate with clients manually through call or email to set an appointment and would also have to set the work schedule so that everyone on the team knows who’s going to work on those days.

What is Person A doing?

Person A also has to focus on managing all of those but Person A already has enough time to look into more prospects and still has enough time to binge a Netflix series. Person A’s secret is called a simplified scheduling software.

In this digital age, we’ve all become familiar with apps on our mobile phones or online tools that help small business owners in managing their daily tasks. Simplified scheduling software, booking software, auto-populating schedule software, human resources management software, or even appointment setting software. These are all just tools that help you manage your appointments and your team and can even connect the two to help adjust your schedules automatically.

Think of all the wonders it could do

Imagine all the hours it takes every day to answer calls, respond to emails, setting appointments, typing it down, assigning work to a member, managing their hours, and more. Now imagine the time it takes being cut in half. Imagine the potential clients realizing they need your services but you can’t set the appointment instantly because it’s beyond business hours. Now imagine waking up, checking your phone, and seeing the new appointments made overnight.

It’s always the best way to work hard for success but no one ever said you aren’t allowed to work smart. Now, stop imagining, get on your phone, and start saving your time.

It’s always a pleasure reading your questions and we always make an effort into giving you the best one. Go to our social media accounts and drop your questions there! Until then, I’m Dan, and thanks for trading.

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