Top 5 Unique Mobile Businesses For First-Time Entrepreneurs

The costs of starting up your business with a brick-and-mortar store can be quite terrifying for first-time entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs don’t want to miss out on the face-to-face experience of watching their customers use their products. That’s why the American Mobile Retail Association (AMRA), a trade organization for mobile retailers, estimates that there are hundreds of mobile businesses, also known as businesses on wheels, across the U.S.

With the average cost of a truck around $20,000, depending on the amount of customizing you’re willing to do, it sounds a bit expensive. Yet, it’s still a fraction of a fraction for the cost of renovating your own brick-and-mortar retail store.

We’ve all heard about businesses on wheels, there are a dozen in your city right now. The immediate image we picture in our mind is a food truck with dozens of customers lining up to grab a bite. We often forget that there are plenty of unique businesses on wheels out there that cater more to service businesses. So, here are our top five mobile businesses for first-time entrepreneurs

1. Vintage

There is a familiar attraction that we all feel to vintage items or clothes. It attracts the younger and older generation alike. A mobile vintage store is a great and fast way to gain popularity! It’s a good start for first-time entrepreneurs by making use of what’s trending on social media! What are you waiting for? Work with local vintage stores or pawn shops to get a supply, then hit the road once you’re all set!

2. Beauty Supply

You’d be surprised how many people buy beauty products daily! There was $8.9B in revenue for the year 2019, imagine how much it will be for 2020! With 40% of that going to skincare products, starting a mobile beauty store might just be the perfect niche that will take you further! Look for the trending beauty products around your area, connect with beauty stores or spas, and then let it smooth your path to success.

3. Accessories

People love accessories. Sunglasses, necklaces, body jewelry, you name it. A mobile accessory store is a great way for first-time entrepreneurs to gain experience. It takes constant communication with popular brands in order to pull off this business on wheels! Once you’ve got the supply, the products literally sell themselves!

4. Cosplay Ambulance

The number of cosplay conventions around the country is off the charts! There are so many conventions that you’ll need more tools than ever! Cosplayers create costumes so they can act as their favorite characters either in Japanese anime or Korean manhwas but, most of the time, their costumes fall apart in the middle of the convention. A cosplay ambulance can do you wonders as cosplayers will need DIY tools to fix their costumes and allow them to enjoy the convention even longer! Hop on your truck and get to the next convention!

5. Pet Salons

Sixty-seven percent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet. During this pandemic, they may need a bit of love! A mobile pet salon is a great opportunity for rising entrepreneurs. With a quick partnership with local vets or local pet stores, you can get the supplies and the crew you need to get started on the road!

Mobile businesses or businesses on wheels are easy to start and are flexible in almost everything from connecting to product lines and connecting with customers. There’s a whole lot more of unique ideas for business on wheels and the limit does not stop there, you can even think of your own unique mobile business! Building a presence on social media and creating a community may take a whole lot of work, with all the updates and the trends, but once you have it, you can go places! Literally!

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