Want to Roll Your Way into Startup Life? Here Are 5 Business Ideas to Consider

Whether you want to leave your current 9-to-5 job, you’ve been planning to launch your own business for some time, or you want to try your hand at managing your very own startup operation, it can be hard to lock down the perfect business concept that is also guaranteed to make you some serious dough.

Akin to writer’s block, “business block” is a very real reality for many of you reading this, which is why we’re more than happy to provide you starting tomorrow Monday until Friday we will gonna talk about some mobile business ideas that we’ve seen work tremendously with our Opticor.io mobile business booking system.

Shall we get started?

Business Idea #1: Florist
With something as perishable as flowers, why not pack them into a mobile van, truck, etc. and bring them to the people that want them? Flowers make people happy, especially millennials that prioritize special emphasis on self-care today. A mobile business florist can sell to different neighborhoods, experiment with different bouquet offerings and floral varieties, and benefit from the visual deliciousness of a mobile setup, right in public.

Business Idea #2: Coffee Shop
Considering that Americans consume about 400 million cups of coffee per day, it’s safe to say your mobile coffee shop is going to experience some success. If you’ve always wanted to own your very own café, but haven’t wanted the financial risk of buying a brick and mortar location, then a mobile coffee business could be your answer. Sell your coffee from bikes, carts, or temporary pop-ups at festivals, weddings, etc.

Business Idea #3: Food Provider
So long as you get a food truck or mobile camper with proper refrigeration and outlets, etc., there’s no reason why you can’t become a food provider! Consider selling everything from tacos and cotton candy to kettle corn, popsicles, cupcakes, and specialty cocktails you can serve at any wedding celebration. If you don’t want to stick with refrigeration, consider safer options like candy, etc.

Business Idea #4: Barber Shop
That’s right – you can pull up with your barber chair presented in your open mobile business and start performing street-side haircuts instantly. Barbershops already have that fun, hipster appeal that can make them a great place to hang out and catch up in the neighborhood. Drive around and park your business where your greatest success with customers is, also providing renting services to events, private functions, and weddings.

Business Idea #5: Walk-In Clothing Store
With the right mobile camper, you can park your business, open your doors, and allow people inside to shop your racks of vintage or thrifted clothing. Although you can only fit so many pieces inside, the bespoke experience will attract shoppers everywhere.

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