What In The World Is An Auto-Populating Schedule Software?!

Being a business owner in this fast-paced world is hard enough as it is, now, we’re expected to learn all these big words too! Don’t worry, we’re here for you. Let’s take it slow.

What in the world is an auto-populating schedule software, you ask? (Phew, that was a mouthful!)

Let’s break it down: Good ol’ scheduling software vs Auto-populating schedule software.

An auto-populating is actually just an automatic scheduling software (on steroids)!

Automatic scheduling software allows you to book your appointments, set your meetings, and schedule your events automatically within a few clicks. On the other hand, auto-populating software is used for human resource management. The awesome part about it is that you can set your team’s work schedule—it automatically populates their work schedule for the given time frame you decide, saving you a whole lot of time, money and energy!

One good example of this is Opticor.io which brings the best of both worlds

Opticor.io Mobile Business Booking

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