Why Are Most Businesses Going Mobile?

There are a dozen reasons why businesses are going mobile and it isn’t just because they wanted to test out the wi-fi. You came here with questions in your pocket and, as always, I’m Dan and I’ve got the answers to trade.


There’s no mistaking the simple hard fact that wherever you look, people are mostly on their phones. The statistic is that nine in ten people are using their phones and most of the time, they’re on social media. It also means that mobile devices and internet connection are now absolutely rooted in our daily lives. Laying it down for you, here are three hard facts on why most businesses are going mobile:


Clients and customers nowadays are looking for mobile-friendly websites that are quick to load, easy to navigate, and easy to use on a small screen. Without these, they’ll only end up clicking away to a competitor. There is a big increase in purchases coming from mobile devices.

This is because they want to look at your website while also being on the move. If it makes them stop in their tracks just so they can navigate from one page to another, then that’s one prospect lost and it’s one more reason that your website should be mobile-friendly instead of just being consumer-oriented.


Currently, businesses that are going mobile and working remotely have upped their productivity by 91%. Team members felt that they could do more with their work because of the flexibility and freedom given to them alongside the immediate access to information and the ability to update each team member’s work instantaneously.

With gadgets and the world wide web, being online and being mobile is now included in our daily routines. Letting the team work remotely will help them achieve work-life integration and let them have more chances to collaborate at any time.


One area that needs a lot of attention to is the appropriate training and learning that your team should be provided with. Going mobile allows your team members to learn at their own pace with the many online classes and learning modules that come with tests, progress tracking, and analytics.

There is plenty of research to suggest that the offices that promote learning and growth are 52% more effective and productive. That is why it is a big plus is that your team now has enough extra time to attend more classes allowing them to grow and improve. 

The next question you might have might be how you can track and manage all of this. What do you need to have and what do you need to pay for. That’s why we have an all-in-one team and project management tool just for you that’s easy on the costs.

The next question you should be asking for yourself is why you haven’t gone mobile yet? The more time you spend making that decision means more prospects slipping away. 

It’s always a pleasure reading your questions and we always make an effort into giving you the best answers. If you ever have more questions, go to our social media accounts and drop them there! Until then, I’m Dan, and thanks for trading.


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